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Vlog-Lesser Known Airflow Management Best Practices

by | Aug 26, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

When discussing airflow management at the Row level, many people quickly navigate to containment, and for good reason. But there are other areas in the Row that need to be addressed to achieve effective cold aisle and hot aisle separation. Sealing these other areas is what we refer to as the lesser known Row airflow management best practices.

Watch CEG Senior Vice President of Operations Rob Huttemann and Lars Strong, Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer for Upsite Technologies discuss why these lesser known best practices are necessary in any Row airflow management strategy. Whether implemented before or after containment, solutions such as doors and baffles, can have a significant impact on IT equipment intake air temperatures at a relatively low cost. For more details about these best practices, read our in-depth article in Mission Critical Magazine