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Turning the Tide on Data Center Efficiency Adoption in the 20’s

by | Dec 26, 2019 | blog | 0 comments

As we close out this decade, scientists have reported that the past ten years were the warmest recorded on Earth. Eight of those years were the warmest since we’ve been recording global temperatures! The Data Center Industry is one of the fastest growing energy consumers contributing to this climate change. Data centers will soon consume four percent of the world’s energy. Just a few years ago, that number was at two percent. Below is a graphic from a very alarming article that appeared in last year’s Nature Research Journal. It reported that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) will grow to 20.9% of our electricity demand by 2030.

Our industry must get more efficient to keep that number as low as possible. I still see basic, inexpensive, low hanging fruit efficiency improvements only being adopted in half of the ICT facilities CEG tours. There’s no excuse for that lack of investment, since most of these efficiency improvements come with an effective ROI that also improve resiliency for these ICT facilities.

We all need to do our part in the coming years to overcome our lack of focus and attention to efficiency and smart growth in the past decades. I hope I can count on you in joining our crusade to turn the tide on IT Facility efficiency adoption in 2020!