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Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize Solves Your Toughest Airflow Issues

by | Nov 16, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

Improve Sustainability and Reduce Energy Costs in an Instant!

In a mission-critical space cooling is the largest consumer of energy and the most difficult to manage. Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize solves this problem easily and instantaneously.

Cooling Optimize uses Machine Learning to dynamically match cooling output to varying IT loads. This closed loop system reacts to real-time data, automatically eliminating hot spots and diagnosing potential facility risks.

closed loop system
cooling optimize results

Cooling Optimize isn’t your typical DCIM offering and no BMS can offer this level of control. Early adopting colos are realizing a 40% reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as a 30% cost savings.

What could you do with an additional 30% in your bottom line?

As a Schneider Electric Elite Data Center Partner, CEG can solve your toughest airflow issues. With Cooling Optimize – along with our own custom AFM solutions – we’ll ensure the right cooling is always available where it’s needed, protecting uptime and eliminating wasted energy. CONTACT US to start improving efficiencies and sustainability in your data center TODAY!

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