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Achieve New Levels of Efficiency, Sustainability Through Dynamic Cooling Management

Nearly half of the energy consumed by data centers is attributed to cooling. Current data center design standards provide more cooling than what’s needed; and airflow complexity and IT variability make it impossible to optimize manually or with simple cooling unit controls. The result is wasted energy, lost capacity, and hidden thermal risk.

Cooling Optimize uses AI to automatically and dynamically match cooling output to IT load in real time. The system delivers significant, immediate reductions in cooling energy costs and carbon emissions for data centers, telecom hubs, and other mission-critical facilities.

As a Schneider Electric Elite Data Center Partner, CEG can solve your toughest airflow issues. With Cooling Optimize – along with our own custom AFM solutions – we’ll ensure the right cooling is always available where it’s needed, protecting uptime and eliminating wasted energy. 

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Continuously Matching Cooling Output to Heat Load = Huge Energy Savings

Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize continuously optimizes the airflow in your facility, delivering improved reliability and availability. The system automatically finds and eliminates hot spots, while its comprehensive reports and tools facilitate easier operations management.

The system delivers the right amount of cooling exactly where it’s needed. This typically results in up to a 40% reduction in your cooling energy bill. We achieve that with sophisticated AI-based technology that learns your environment and adapts to change.

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How It Works – Machine Learning & Dynamic Control


Cooling Optimize is a closed-loop system that reacts to real-time data, which reduces the chances of downtime.


Automatically identifies and eliminates up to 95% of hot spots. Helps diagnose potential facility risks.


As IT load changes, the built-in machine learning automatically adjusts cooling output to match the dynamic data center environment.

  • Need to reduce operating and energy costs?
  • Looking for ways to meet sustainability, decarbonization goals?
  • Spending too much time chasing hot spots?
  • Experiencing cooling capacity constraints?

  • Join Schneider Electric and CEG on Wednesday, December 14 for a discussion on cooling complexities in today’s data centers and learn how dynamic control will solve this problem.

    Early adopting colos are realizing a 40% reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as a 30% cost savings. What could you do with an additional 30% in your bottom line?