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New Tech News – Wireless Facility Monitoring System

by | Mar 18, 2020 | blog, Uncategorized | 0 comments

RLE WiNG Remote Data Center Monitoring

Introducing WiNG – RLE’s New Wireless Monitoring Solution

After three years of research and development, RLE Technologies has introduced a wireless monitoring solution to the critical environment industry. WiNG is part of RLE’s Falcon family of facility monitoring products. It’s a complete system of sensors, gateway manager, and range extenders that will monitor the entire facility for changes in condition including temperature, humidity, conductive fluid leaks and dew point. The data WiNG captures allows a facility manager to fine tune the environment to meet energy efficiency goals and maintain optimal equipment performance parameters.

The WiNG suite of products includes:

  • WiNG-MGR, providing wireless monitoring with unprecedented sensor range and battery life.
  • WiNG Wireless Sensors, with a 12-year batter life and up to a 600 foot indoor direct line of sight transmission range.
  • BMS-WiNG, leveraging RLE’s WiNG wireless sensor technology to integrate via protocols into any building management system (BMS) or alarm monitoring system.
  • WiNG-RXT, adding up to 1,000 feet direct line of site range to a WiNG system.
  • WiNG-RXT PoE Kit, containing the components necessary to connect the WiNG-RXT to a power over ethernet source.

Contact CEG to learn how RLE’s WiNG Wireless monitoring solution can provide peace of mind against many types of environmental threats.

WiNG wireless sensors by RLE BMS-WiNG by RLE WiNG-RXT by RLE RXT-POE-KIT by RLE