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Save Money, Energy by Rightsizing Your Data Center’s UPS System

by | Jan 4, 2019 | news | 0 comments

Rightsize – to convert something to an appropriate or optimum size.

With more computing functionality moving to the cloud, chances are your facility’s Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is bigger than it needs to be. At nearly every customer site we visit, large UPS systems are running very low loads compared to their original design requirements. These underutilized units consume large amounts of energy and money, which in turn costs you time and peace-of-mind. All the industry experts and research say that this trend will continue, making 2019 the right time to rightsize your UPS system.

Free Uninterruptible Power Supply Assessment in 2019

Kick the new year off right – rightsized, that is! CEG would like to visit your facility to assess your current environment and critical power needs. We’ll let you know if your UPS system is the optimal size for today and the future. If an appointment is scheduled in January, February or March (actual site visit can occur at any time in 2019), CEG will provide the assessment and rightsized recommendation at no charge to you!

With a UPS rightsized solution from CEG, you’ll not only save money and energy today, but you’ll also have a scalable plan for tomorrow’s business needs (continued cloud migration, edge computing, etc.). Appointment dates are filling up quickly so contact CEG today to lock in this free offer!