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New Tech News – Xtreme Power Conversion E91 UPS

by | Apr 29, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

Xtreme Power UPS is an Economical and Efficient Backup Power Solution for Edge Facilities

xtreme power UPS

Xtreme Power Conversion’s newest Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is the perfect fit for critical IT infrastructure at the Edge. The E91 208/120VAC UPS provides reliable three-phase double conversion power for edge facilities, small data centers, network closets, and industrial applications. 10kW, 15kW, and 20kW models are readily available and they all feature unit output power factor – supporting up to 25% more critical loads than typical UPSs. In addition, all models meet Energy Star 2.0 standards.

But what makes the E91 ideal for the Edge is its size and simplicity. The E91’s compact and narrow footprint make it a great option for tight spaces. The touch screen LCD displays the vital information you need to ensure uptime including UPS status and alarms.

Efficient, Always-on Power from CEG

CEG is proud to offer the E91 as well as the Company’s full line of UPS solutions. Xtreme Power Conversion has extensive inventory in stock and ready to ship. CEG can help you determine your backup power needs and which UPS is right for your Edge environment. CONTACT US today!


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