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New Tech News – Vertiv Geist Rack Transfer Switch

by | May 25, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

Provide Redundant Power to Single Corded Devices with Vertiv’s New RTS

As we’ve mentioned in several blog posts and articles, it’s critical for every facility to have a comprehensive backup power plan – Uninterruptible Power Supplies, power conditioning, regular UPS and battery maintenance, etc. But all the best laid plans can still go awry with an unaddressed Single Point of Failure. Something seemingly insignificant such as the use of single-corded devices without power redundancy can put your entire business in jeopardy! Vertiv is addressing this potential SPOF risk with its new rack transfer switch.

Safeguard Your Edge IT Load in 4-8 Milliseconds

The Vertiv™ Geist™ Rack Transfer Switch (RTS) delivers redundant power to single corded devices. Its two independent power inputs enable users to connect to a primary and secondary power source. When utility power is lost, the RTS automatically detects that loss

rack transfer switch for edge IT

and switches to the secondary power source in as little as four milliseconds. And as soon as utility power is restored the RTS automatically returns to the primary power source without any equipment interruption. No human intervention required!

The Vertiv Geist Rack Transfer Switch is an open transition switch, utilizing a break-before-make process for transferring between the primary and secondary power source. This method of switching does not require synchronization between the two power feeds making it suitable for use in both data center and edge locations.

Intelligence and Configurations for any Redundancy Strategy

Models are available in 1U and 2U form factors ranging from basic to outlet-level monitored and switched in a variety of electrical and receptacle configurations. As a result, the Vertiv Geist Rack Transfer Switch can support the redundancy requirements of most all data center and edge applications.


Basic to switched outlet-level monitoring intelligence


1U and 2U horizontal rack-mount configurations




10A, 15A, 16A, 20A, and 30A


Combination Outlet C13/C19, U-lock C13, NEMA 5-15R, NEMA 5-20R


UL listed and CE marked

Intelligent models provide a comprehensive view of critical IT equipment power usage at the rack or via remote access. You’re able to set user-defined thresholds to receive notification when power and environmental conditions fall outside the desired range. Outlet-level monitored units provide a granular view of equipment power usage and switch models enable users to turn-on, turn-off or reboot individual outlets.

 Ensure Always-on Power at the Edge with CEG

To meet the digital demands of the future, data centers at the edge must be resilient, efficient, adaptable, and reliable. Vertiv has kept all those goals in mind with the Vertiv Geist Rack Transfer Switch. It will help resolve many power challenges associated with distributed edge computing environments.

CEG is proud to offer Vertiv’s full line of backup power equipment. CONTACT CEG for pricing, engineering, and availability of this RTS or for help in developing a comprehensive critical power plan for your edge environment.


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