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New Tech News – RLE Introduces Raised Floor Panels with Wireless Environmental Monitoring

by | Jun 10, 2020 | blog, news | 0 comments

Data Center Raised Floor Panels

The RFM (Raised Floor Monitoring) combines two of RLE’s most popular products, a Triad solid steel floor panel and WiNG wireless sensors, to provide a solution that helps data centers seamlessly monitor conditions in an existing raised floor environment. Ideal for differential pressure and airflow monitoring, RFM Panels keep reliable, quality monitoring tucked safely within your raised floor panels.

Data centers can use RFM panels to:

  • Understand static pressure loss or fluctuation
  • Balance cooling airflow
  • Increase available datapoints to better understand the needs of each facility.

Flexible Monitoring Options for Your Critical Environment

Each RFM Panel has a mounting bracket that secures a WiNG sensor to the bottom of the panel, making additional monitoring in an underfloor plenum space quick and easy. Simply lift out your existing raised floor panel and drop the RFM in its place.

With each new panel, users gain immediate transparency within their environment. The additional monitoring capability provided by the RFM’s WiNG sensors will help improve efficiencies and reduce expenses.

Learn more about WiNG – RLE’s new wireless monitoring solution HERE.

RLE’s patent pending RFM panel is available with a gray flek or crystal white powder coat finish and an optional gray starlight laminate top sheet.

The RFM is in stock and ready to ship, so CONTACT US today to learn more. CEG offers RLE’s full line of data center containment solutions including Triad floor panels and facility monitoring products. As an RLE Channel Partner, we also offer the SeaHawk liquid and water leak detection equipment.