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New Tech News – Powerlok PDU from Upsite Technologies

by | Jun 18, 2020 | blog, news | 0 comments

CEG PDU for data center

Greater Reliability, Advanced Functionality and an Overall Higher Standard for Rack PDUs in Mission Critical Facilities

Upsite Technologies is raising the standard of rack power distribution with the introduction of PowerLok®.  With automated soldering from line input to each receptacle, PowerLok eliminates all mechanical connections. This unique improvement makes it 270% less likely to fail than rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) with mechanical terminations.


The Perfect Fit

At only 2.18″ wide x 2″ deep, PowerLok’s slim, vertical profile makes the PDU more agile and aesthetically pleasing within IT equipment racks while offering the greatest receptacle density and highly visible group marking. In addition, PowerLok features an input cord that is angled toward the server rack exit to improve access to the backs of servers. This allows for greater length with more receptacles over PDUs with end cords while reducing bend radius and providing a natural egress from the server cabinet.

PowerLok also features CordLok® – a patent-pending cord locking system for easy insertion, retention, and detachment of plugs into the receptacles. With no insertion resistance, it allows for insertion and removal with a single hand while offering an industry leading receptacle density that secures C13 and C19 cords. CordLok is an economically viable solution that provides peace of mind at an average cost of $1 per receptacle.


PowerLok PDU Features

  • Automated soldering eliminates all mechanical connections
  • Slim Modern Vertical Design
  • Angled Input Whip
  • Cord locking system for easy insertion, retention, detachment of plugs
  • Easy installation in the server rack
  • Touchscreen display eliminates the need for external, mechanical push buttons

The Next Generation of Rack Power Distribution  

CEG offers Upsite Airflow and Power SolutionsCEG is proud to partner with Upsite in addressing our clients’ critical power, air flow and facility monitoring needs. We’re able to offer next-day shipping of 34 PowerLok PDUs, and more than 8,000 configurable models within 10-14 business days. CONTACT US today to quickly determine which PowerLok PDU is right for your data center IT equipment.