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New Tech News – Mitsubishi Electric DX Cooling System

by | Nov 16, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

With the CritiCool product line, Edge Environments have more options for cooling modular structures.

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products, Inc., one of the data center industry’s largest and respected providers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), is expanding its reach into the mission critical market in a big way. With the launch of CritiCool, its new line of advanced cooling products, MEPPI can address the unique cooling needs of rapidly expanding edge environments.

High Efficiency IT Cooling for Modular Environments

The Direct Expansion Packaged Cooling System (DX-P) is the introductory solution in MEPPI’s CritiCool product line, providing data center cooling for modular applications.

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Rather than modify devices designed for cooling spaces occupied by people (known as comfort cooling), DX-P Cooling System models are designed specifically for cooling unoccupied modular structures that contain electrical and/or IT equipment that runs 24/7, such as auxiliary backup power supplies and battery energy storage systems.

This fully assembled, packaged cooling solution mounts to the wall of a container unit with up or downflow configuration options. And its integral air-cooled condensers are designed for outdoor installation, making the DX-P ideal for data center container cooling.

mitsubishi electric data center cooling

The unique design strategy of the DX-P enables it to achieve a highly desirable Sensible Heat Ratio (SHR) of 1.0, as well as earn the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) in the U.S. market. The high Sensible Cooling Capacity of the DX-P can also reduce the number of units necessary to contrast the heat load generated in an electrical environment. Requiring fewer units not only lowers your capital expenditures, but also

energy consumption – allowing you meet increasing eco-friendly industry guidelines.

  • Wide ambient operating temperature range [0°F (-18°C) to 125°F (52°C)]
  • Optional “Economizer” package for extended functionality to -40°F (-40°C)
  • Standard on/off compressor with an option for an inverter-based compressor for higher efficiency
  • Available in two nominal capacities (37,800 Btu/h [10kW] and 64,500 Btu/h [20kW])
  • 10+ year life span

Easy Install & Maintenance

The data center industry is seeing a shift to prefabricated, modular buildings to house electrical equipment for rapid expansion at the edge. These unoccupied containers need a reliable IT cooling solution, but one that requires minimal upkeep.

The DX-P fills that bill. It comes fully assembled for easy installation, and its limited parts list and remote alarm capabilities reduce the need for constant management and monitoring of the system.

Achieve Efficient, Eco-sustainable IT Cooling with CEG

CEG is proud to offer Mitsubishi Electric’s CritiCool advanced cooling products, as well as the company’s full line of UPS systems. We’re looking forward to introducing CritiCool to our edge customers with modular applications. It will be a welcomed alternative to less efficient comfort cooling systems they’ve had to use in the past.

Contact me to learn more about the DX-P and for help in developing a cooling strategy that’s right for your edge environment.


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