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New Tech News – Legrand Infinium acclAIM Fiber Solution

by | Aug 25, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

Although Legrand unveiled the Infinium acclAIM™ Fiber Solution in 2021, this ‘next generation’ of fiber connectivity just became available and is ready to ship. You can order the Infinium acclAIM through CEG, and we can assist you with all facets of your cabling requirements.

legrand fiber connectivity

Game Changing Fiber Connectivity

Infinium acclAIM replaces pre-terminated cassette-based solutions with direct connections. This eliminates components and reduces process and costs. Infinium acclAIM delivers the only connectivity on the market with a near lossless link, almost unlimited scalability, and no gender considerations. As a result, this solution is expected to be a game changer for high density fiber deployments.

legrand cable

Quicker Installations & Removals = Lower Costs

The acclAIM solution reduces costs by facilitating 40% quicker patch cable installation and 60% faster removal, improving the speed of moves, adds, and changes. Due to the single connection point of the Direct-Mating Breakout, post connection testing time is cut in half. Polarity swaps take less than six seconds. All these benefits allow Infinium acclAIM to be a valuable building asset, saving CAPEX and OPEX throughout its life of service.

Legrand’s family of Data Center Solutions from CEG

CEG is proud to partner the entire Legrand family of infrastructure and critical power solution providers. This includes Raritan, Server Technology, and Starline Power. Whether you require the newest fiber cabling solution, environmental monitoring technology, or an overhead power distribution system, CEG’s got you covered. CONTACT US today for all the products and support you need to improve efficiencies and reduce costs in your data center.


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