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New Tech News – Industry’s First Integrated Rack with Immersed, Liquid-cooled IT for Data Centers

by | May 19, 2020 | blog | 0 comments

Liquid Cooling Rack from Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s Liquid-cooled Solution is Ideal for Big Data, AI, Machine Learning

With high compute demands (big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine-learning algorithm training development) comes more energy usage and new cooling challenges. Schneider Electric is addressing those issues with the creation of the industry’s first commercially available integrated rack with chassis-based, immersive liquid cooling. The solution was developed in partnership with Avnent and Iceotope, and was unveiled at Gartner’s December IT Infrastructure, Operations & Cloud Strategies Conference.

Optimized for compute-intensive applications, the solution combines a high-powered GPU server with liquid cooling technology to increase energy efficiency. The liquid-cooled server is then integrated with Schneider Electric’s NetShelter liquid-cooled enclosure system for simple deployment into data centers or edge computing environments. The new solution is also EcoStruxure-ready since it’s available with next-generation data center management software, EcoStruxure IT Expert and the Company’s digital service EcoStruxure Asset Advisor.

According to Schneider Electric, this new liquid cooling technology is a significant step toward industrializing chassis-based immersion solutions which offer the efficiency and effectiveness of tank-based solutions while providing the compatibility and serviceability of more traditional, ‘direct-to-chip’ liquid-cooling designs.

Liquid Cooling: A Technology to Watch

While liquid cooling has been around for a long time, the latest chips with much higher Thermal Design Power (TDP) are creating unique challenges for air cooling. Enter liquid cooling.

In a recent report published by Gartner, liquid cooling was identified as a technology to watch. Analyst Henrique Cecci advised data center operators to “maximize cooling energy efficiencies by employing modern liquid cooling solutions.” Compared with conventional air cooling, liquid cooling provides benefits like higher energy efficiency, smaller footprint, lower TCO (total cost of ownership), enhanced server reliability, and nearly silent operation despite the high-power density of the GPUs.

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