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New Tech News – Edge-ready Micro Data Center System

by | Sep 10, 2020 | blog | 0 comments

vertiv-vrc-s for micro data centers

Vertiv’s VRC-S can rapidly convert an unconditioned edge location into a micro data center.

With so many people across the United States working and learning from home, we’re seeing an unprecedented demand for computing and communications at the edge. Vertiv is addressing this need with its VRC-S Micro Data Center – an integrated solution that can rapidly convert unconditioned edge locations into a micro data center.

vertivThe Vertiv VRC-S is a pre-integrated, enclosed micro data center solution designed to be up and running at an edge or other small site in a matter of days. Available in eight pre-built standard sizes with two voltage options (120V or 208V), the solution incorporates a rack power distribution unit (PDU), monitoring software, and the new Vertiv VRC self-contained rack cooling unit in an enclosed standard IT rack.

Just add the UPS of your choice, and you have everything you need to rapidly deploy a comprehensive IT solution in your edge or other small applications. With space to support your sensitive IT equipment and up to 3.5kW of integrated IT cooling, the Vertiv VRC-S lets you quickly, easily, and confidently put IT wherever you need it.

The micro data center system is ideally suited for IT closets, open office space, remote locations, unconditioned areas and light industrial areas.

Remote Management

The VRC-S also provides ease of access and management for its components with the free Vertiv Intelligence Director (VID). The VID enables users to monitor and control the air cooler and the rPDU through a single IP address.

Easy Installation

While CEG offers on-site installation services, the VRC-S can be deployed by the end user. The whole system arrives with all necessary components for installation, and as long as some conditions are met, the integrated solution can be installed.

Accessories & Customization

Vertiv VR Racks are also easily customizable, and CEG offers a full lineup of accessories like cable organizers, airflow managers, and sliding shelves that enable users to modify their racks to suit the needs of their IT equipment.


The VRC-S comes with a standard three-year warranty across all components, though the warranties for the rack and the rPDU can be extended to a full five-year period.

The Setup

Vertiv VR Racks

The Vertiv VRC-S is available at either 42U or 48U rack size. Built with reliable engineering, Vertiv VR Racks are designed for rapid deployment and easy customization. They have load capacities of 3,000lbs static and 2,500lbs dynamic, and provide 2.5 inches more useable depth than similar sized racks. This air-conditioned cabinet can help non-traditional data center whitespace provide a safe environment for critical and fragile IT equipment.

Vertiv VRC

Included in the VRC-S system is the self-contained, Vertiv VRC server rack cooling unit. The 3.5kW (12000 BTU) air cooler saves floor space and ensures cold air is directed towards where it is needed since it is rack-mountable. Unlike typical equipment used for comfort cooling, the unit provides the high sensible cooling that your rack and your IT gear needs.

Vertiv Geist Switched Rack PDU

With its Vertiv Geist Switched Rack PDU, the VRC-S can provide solutions beyond power distribution. The 0U vertical rPDU comes with outlet level switching that enables remote rebooting of unresponsive IT equipment, while the integrated temperature and door position sensors provide important environmental data to users. Depending on the model of the VRC-S, the rPDU comes at either 120V or 208V, and may have either NEMA 5-20R outlets, or a combination of IEC C13 and IEC C19 locking receptacles.

Learn more about Vertiv’s VRC-S Edge-ready Micro Data Center System HERE.

Let CEG Help You Address Demand at the Edge

CEG is proud to partner with Vertiv in addressing our clients’ critical powerair flow and facility monitoring needs. Our experts can assist you in rapidly converting your unconditioned edge location into a micro data center. CONTACT US today to learn more.