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New Tech News – EcoStruxure IT Expert API

by | Dec 9, 2020 | blog, news | 0 comments

CEG EcoStruxure IT for Data Centers

Schneider Electric Simplifies Management of Distributed IT Infrastructure at the Edge

Schneider Electric is always looking to add value and functionality to its EcoStruxure IT platform. Early in 2020, we saw the launch of the monitoring and dispatch services to manage distributed IT. Most recently, the company has introduced a new public API to further simplify management of compute, storage and network infrastructure at the edge. IT solution providers can now leverage the EcoStruxure IT Expert Application Programming Interface (API)  to seamlessly integrate a power and infrastructure monitoring platform into their existing remote monitoring and management (RMM) systems for better visibility across IT systems.

Edge Computing Management is only Growing in Complexity

The IT landscape has transformed into a hybrid architecture with many geographically distributed edge computing sites. In fact, Grand View Research predicts that the global edge computing market will reach USD 43.4 billion by 2027. As organizations evolve through digital transformation, many will leverage automated, real-time applications, which will further increase their reliance on edge computing sites.

The EcoStruxure IT Expert API builds on the success of EcoStruxure IT Expert, the industry’s first hosted power and infrastructure monitoring platform, which is vendor-agnostic and powered by artificial intelligence. Now enhanced with new public API capabilities, the platform keeps increasing its flexibility. For example, users can maintain a local data store and build custom applications that react to changes. With this increased access to energy and infrastructure resource data, users can make changes to increase efficiency and sustainability.

EcoStruxure IT Expert API Key Benefits

  • Third-party integration: Integrate the EcoStruxure IT platform into your existing systems to mitigate risk of downtime by monitoring power and critical infrastructures.
  • Improved, instantaneous visibility: Access critical infrastructure data from your preferred system and retrieve a snapshot of its current state.
  • Smarter, data-driven decision making: Capture alarm, inventory, sensor and location data to make key decisions.
  • Improved reporting: Pull data from your power and critical devices into existing or new dashboards and gain the ability to add metrics with a granular level of detail.

Partner with CEG to Manage & Monitor Critical Infrastructure

EcoStruxure IT Expert, along with its new public API, allows users to integrate remote monitoring capabilities into preferred platforms and gain enhanced visibility into distributed IT infrastructure –  making it an ideal management tool for edge facilities.

CEG is proud to partner with Schneider Electric to provide EcoStruxure IT for data centers, healthcare facilities, school campuses and municipal agencies. We also offer the Company’s full line of racks, cooling and critical power equipment. With these solutions, CEG is helping our customers navigate the complexities of edge network management, optimize infrastructure performance and mitigate risk. CLICK HERE to learn more about our EcoStruxure IT offering, or contact me at [email protected] to start a discussion about EcoStruxure IT Expert API in your critical environment.