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New Tech News – APC Smart-UPS Ultra

by | Oct 21, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Schneider Electric introduces the smallest, lightest single-phase 3kW UPS on the market.

The global edge computing market is facing massive growth, growing at 12.5% annually to an estimated $250.6 billion in 2024, according to IDCThe proliferation of digital technologies and smart applications that rely on network connectivity to the cloud is driving the need for localized IT resources. Yet, configuring, deploying, and maintaining that infrastructure for multiple, geographically dispersed sites is challenging (to say the least). To help alleviate some of those challenges, Schneider Electric has introduced the APC Smart-UPS Ultra – the industry’s first 3kW 1U single-phase Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

 With the APC Smart-UPS Ultra, Schneider Electric is bringing to market its smallest, most advanced single-phase UPS that provides the flexibility to install anywhere and save on total cost of ownership (TCO) without compromising businesses’ power protection needs. 


2.4 times more power dense and half the weight and size than comparable UPS systems


Flexible mounting options including rack, tower, wall, or ceiling allow more space for IT equipment 


Lithium-ion technology means less time and OpEx spent on battery maintenance 


EcoStruxure-ready cloud-based monitoring optimizes performance and enables anytime, anywhere UPS monitoring

More Power in Less Space

In distributed IT and edge environments there’s often a premium placed on maximizing square footage and operating space efficiently to optimize IT systems and improve the bottom line. The APC Smart UPS Ultra is up to 50% smaller and lighter than comparable UPS solutions on the market today. This compact design delivers more power while taking up less IT space, providing the installation flexibility and power density edge facilities need today and tomorrow.

Lower TCO with Li-ion

While regular maintenance of power protection equipment such as UPSs is critical for any IT environment, when you’re dealing with multiple distributed sites it can be an especially costly ongoing OpEx investment.

The APC Smart-UPS Ultra’s Lithium-ion battery lasts up to three times longer than a traditional valve regulated lead acid (VRLA) powered UPS and will not need to be replaced under normal operating conditions. By eliminating costly battery replacement visits over the life of the UPS, this backup power solution can save up to 15% on TCO over 10 years.

Anytime, Anywhere Visibility with EcoStructure

Not having onsite staff makes UPS management and maintenance difficult, particularly if assets are highly distributed and geographically dispersed. In addition to a lithium-ion battery that requires little-to-no maintenance, the APC Smart-UPS Ultra is also EcoStruxure-ready. Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure allows cloud-based monitoring, delivers data-driven recommendations to optimize performance, provides customizable alerts regarding the health of the UPS, and enables wherever-you-go visibility across multiple UPS devices.

Ensure Sustainable, Always-on Power with CEG

To meet the digital demands of the future, local, regional and cloud data centers must be designed to be sustainable, resilient, efficient, and adaptable. 

CEG is a Schneider-Electric Certified Service Sales Partner

Schneider Electric has kept those design goals in mind with the APC Smart-UPS Ultra, enabling IT professionals to resolve many of the challenges with deploying IT infrastructure in distributed edge computing environments.  

CEG is proud to offer Schneider Electric’s full line of critical power equipment, as well as the company’s EcoStruxure remote monitoring technology. In addition, CEG is one of an elite few data center solution providers with the distinction of being a Schneider Electric Certified Service Sales Partner.  CONTACT CEG to help with developing a critical power plan that’s right for your edge environment.


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