Power Management

Power Management

Critical Power Monitoring to Protect Infrastructure and Operations

Managing power is key to extending the life of your critical IT equipment. The information gathered through power monitoring and metering is invaluable in determining your facility’s PUE and avoiding hot spots that can lead to unplanned outages.

Protect your critical systems and improve efficiencies with full-featured and cost-effective power solutions from CEG.

Site-wide Power Monitoring & Metering

Tracking energy consumption is essential to accurately allocating costs, identifying, and eliminating wasted energy, minimize cooling costs, and detecting possible problems that can lead to unplanned outages. CEG offers a variety of facility-wide AC and DC power metering systems that allow you to keep an eye on the entire power chain.

Consider also adding branch circuit monitoring to any RPP, PDU or power distribution panel. Easy to implement, branch circuit monitoring enables you allocate energy costs, avoid outages, balance loads, extend the life of existing equipment and plan future capacity.

UPS Monitoring

Many of the UPS CEG sells can be monitored via our industry-leading partners’ DCIM technology. All the monitoring solutions we offer provide the flexibility, cross-vendor support, and easy deployment the data center industry requires. And with remote access, it’s easier than ever for IT managers to monitor the health of a single or multiple UPS and respond to critical events from wherever they may be.

Busway Monitoring

To stay ahead of rising power requirements for rack equipment while simultaneously reducing infrastructure complexity, many data centers deploy overhead busways for their power distribution architecture. The benefits of busways include increased space capacity, flexibility, energy efficiency, scalability, modularity, reliability, customizability, and safety.

Facility managers can extend those benefits even further with monitoring. Busway monitoring allows you to:


Identify cabinet-level stranded power capacity.


Maintain a three-phase load balance.


Track power capacity at each breaker connection to know if breakers or panels are underutilized.


Measure and trend chart your Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in real-time. 

Rack-level Monitoring

Monitoring and measuring energy usage down to the rack level will help IT and facility managers more effectively manage power capacity and functionality for network, server, and data center equipment. CEG offers Metered Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that provide real-time remote monitoring of connected loads, as well as user-defined alarms to warn of potential circuit overloads. With rack-level monitoring, users can:


Administer, monitor, manage and control rack power consumption from anywhere.


Create user defined groups to manage and report specific usage (chargeback, load balance).


Ensure operational accountability with activity logging and restorable history capabilities.

Outlet Monitoring

Outlet-level power monitoring provides significant visibility into your data center’s power consumption. CEG offers two types of outlet-level power monitoring:


Remote outlet monitoring – measures power consumption at individual outlets.


Switched outlet monitoring – measures power consumption at individual outlets and allows for remote reboot or power cycling of connected servers.

Battery Monitoring

UPS battery monitoring provides continuous, real time information on the status and performance of your batteries. By actively trending their health in real time (monitoring cell voltages, internal resistance, temperature), active alarms and trigger points can be established to notify you of existing or potential failure trends.

CEG offers a variety of UPS battery monitoring solutions, including systems that monitor individual batteries and characteristics of the cabinet. We also provide battery maintenance and replacement services for UPS systems of all sizes. Contact Us to determine which type monitoring system and maintenance plan would be best for your environment.