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Modernizing Your Legacy Data Center

by | Mar 27, 2019 | Events, news | 0 comments

DCD Debate

If you missed the latest Data Center Dynamics Debate, you missed a lot!

Fortunately, it’s not too late to check out DCD’s most successful and well attended online debate. No matter what stage you’re at in modernizing the data center, this expert-level discussion will help you plan next steps.

Only 50% of the debate’s attendees had deployed containment or addressed the low-hanging fruit towards transforming into a modernized data center. I was part of an expert panel that gave them insight into:

  • When modernization should be considered, best approaches and trends
  • Benefits of modernization including improved monitoring, management and automation, higher availability and efficiency
  • Moving from reactive- to condition- to proactive- and finally predictive-based maintenance to maximize infrastructure investment while obtaining the highest availability.
  • Adoption of greener technologies is more widely accepted when they also improve resiliency and availability
    • New technologies like EC fans can be deployed in both the white space as well as the heat rejection. This allows HVAC to run more efficiently with higher resilience.
    • CFD modeling can be used to make ensure no single points of failure in cooling and airflow capacities to varied IT rack loads.
  • Newer longer life battery solutions like Lithium Ion and kinetic energy stores can reduce maintenance costs while extending the life of your energy store.
  • Conditioning power for the entire facility and making use of KVAR rather than losing it to ground or utility will yield big benefits.