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Ensure UPS Performance, Reliability with Preventative Maintenance

Purchasing an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is an investment in your business, providing peace of mind, reliability and improving your bottom line. Preventive UPS and UPS battery maintenance is critical for optimal performance and continued reliability, minimizing the risks of downtime and extending the life of your UPS. CEG’s vendor agnostic service contracts, as well as remote monitoring solutions, will help prevent future UPS failures.

As a Schneider Electric Certified Service Sales Partner, CEG is one of an elite few data center solution providers that are authorized to sell Schneider Electric factory service to end users. 

UPS Maintenance Services

UPS Maintenance Services

CEG provides comprehensive UPS maintenance programs for both the small network-ready UPS and large multi-module systems. Whatever your power backup system needs, our routine maintenance services ensure it works when you need it most.

Battery Maintenance Services

It’s equally important to perform ongoing battery maintenance to ensure your batteries are running smoothly and reduce your need for parts replacements. All CEG’s battery service offerings are customizable and will maintaining battery OEM manufacture warranties with needed reports and documentation.

CEG’s annual and quarterly battery inspections may include:


Visual inspection of battery storage and individual battery units for contamination and damage, including leaks, overheating, terminal integrity, and corrosion, bulging and more.


Measurement of the system’s ambient temperature and individual battery temperature at the negative post.


Measurement of float voltage and charge current, open circuit voltage, ground fault.


Measurement of individual battery unit strap resistance, unit impedance, conductance, or load capacity.

Battery Replacement Services

Our UPS battery services are fully turnkey with delivery, installation, and removal of the old batteries to be disposed in certified recycling centers. For systems with UPS battery monitoring, CEG will be sure to carefully remove and re-install each monitoring device.

Reduce Risk with Proactive Battery Monitoring

UPS battery monitoring provides continuous, real time information on the status and performance of your batteries. By actively trending their health in real time (monitoring cell voltages, internal resistance, temperature), active alarms and trigger points can be established to notify you of existing or potential failure trends. Trending data will also provide valuable insights when planning for future capital expenditures and reducing unseen expenditures.

CEG offers many varieties of UPS battery monitoring solutions, including systems that monitor individual batteries and characteristics of the cabinet. Contact Us to determine which UPS battery monitoring system would be best for your installation.