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Generator Maintenance Ensures Backup Power Performance When You Need It Most

Industrial generators are one of the most important pieces of equipment for your business. These generators perform when the power is out – preventing loss of productivity, data, and revenue. Keep your generator in its best shape with maintenance from CEG.

We can service ALL major brands of  backup power equipment, making CEG your single source for Critical Power Services.

Preventative Maintenance Keeps Your Generators Reliable

Without proper maintenance, backup generators can be prone to erratic performance, poor reliability, and unexpected failure. The best approach for safeguarding your industrial generator to engage in routine preventive maintenance.

CEG provides expertly trained technicians who can identify and resolve issues before they turn into expensive problems. We’ll ensure that your generator will run smoother for a longer and reduce the risk of costly downtime – lowering your overall total cost of ownership.

During maintenance, our technicians will check, clean and test generator components as needed to ensure they are functioning as intended, bolstering overall reliability. They will also check the generator’s housing and wiring for any signs of damage, measure fuel level and advise you when more fuel is needed to ensure you have adequate runtime available.

These services will ensure that you remain compliant with the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 110 code for generator services and testing.

Industrial Generator Maintenance

White Glove Service for ALL Your Critical Power Equipment

As part of our white glove maintenance offering, CEG can manage ALL aspects of preventative maintenance for your facility’s critical power equipment. This includes generators, UPS systems, and UPS battery replacements. Whatever the issue – a routine maintenance question or an urgent concern – CEG is the only call you’ll need to make for answers.

One Contract. One Invoice. One Point-of-Contact.

That’s the CEG Difference!

To meet your company's unique needs, CEG offers maintenance service plans on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.