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Beyond the Datacenter – Leak Detection System for Wastewater Treatment Plants

by | Feb 27, 2018 | blog, Case Studies | 0 comments

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When the phrase ‘mission-critical environment’ is used, it’s most often referring to a data center or other space used for information and data processing. But there are many other environments that are just as, if not more critical. A wastewater treatment plant is an excellent example of this.

Wastewater treatment plants range from small privately-owned facilities treating sanitary wastewater from a housing development to large regional facilities treating millions of gallons a day of sanitary and industrial wastewater.

Wastewater treatment plants remove contaminants and suspended solids before the water is discharged back to the environment. If wastewater is not properly treated, then the environment and human health can be negatively impacted. Some examples of pollutants that can be found in wastewater include:

  • Decaying organic matter and debris
  • Excessive nutrients, such as phosphorus, nitrogen, ammonia
  • Chlorine compounds and inorganic chloramines
  • Metals, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, chromium and arsenic
  • Bacteria, viruses and disease-causing pathogens

Wastewater treatment plants are made up of many complex components and systems, including cast-in-place concrete basins and utilidors (galleries), buildings, and chemical, gas, piping, and electrical systems. Instantaneous and always on leak detection is critical in this kind of environment. If a valve or pipe springs a leak, it’s discharging contaminated fluid that can result in deathly consequences to the people that repair the leaks as well as the people that live and work near the facility.

CEG was recently chosen to provide a comprehensive leak detection system for a wastewater thermal decontamination system and wastewater treatment plant located in the Northeast United States. Due to the toxins found at the facility and in its untreated water supply, the plant is not staffed on a regular basis. This heightened the need for remote environmental monitoring and advanced leak detection capabilities.

After precise modeling and extensive research into the facility’s design, equipment and mechanical issues, CEG provided RLE’s Seahawk™ liquid and water leak detection equipment. This included more than 30 zone controllers that send an alert at almost the exact moment a leak occurs anywhere along the length of a water leak sensor cable.

CEG was pleased to offer the engineering contractor water leak detection equipment that will help ensure the safety of the plant and its neighboring communities. CEG welcomes the opportunity develop leak detection and environmental monitoring systems for any type of critical environment – from data centers to wastewater treatment plants and everything in between. Contact us at [email protected] or 800.257.5235 to discuss your critical environment issues and help you make informed decisions.