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Is Your Critical Environment Ready for the Next Snowpocalypse?

by | Sep 29, 2022 | blog | 0 comments

Keep your data center connected and protected during severe weather with environmental monitoring.

Fall has finally arrived, bringing cooler temperatures and all things pumpkin spice! Unfortunately, it also brings severe weather. Hurricanes are making landfall and Old Man Winter is knocking on our doors. Is your critical facility prepared to withstand a category 4 hurricane? What about an ice storm? The next Snowpocalypse?

 According to a 2021 study by the Uptime Institute, extreme weather affects nearly half of data centers. Within this group, nearly one in ten respondents suffered an outage or significant service disruption as a result.

From having a disaster recovery plan to preventative equipment maintenance, there’s lots you can do to prepare for extreme weather. But even a small storm, quick freeze, or clogged toilet can wreak havoc on a facility. One of the best ways to ensure uptime and reliability in ANY situation is to utilize sensor and monitoring technology.

Leak Detection

In a severe weather event, a fluid leak can come from anywhere: a burst pipe, a frozen HVAC, a blocked storm drain. The ability to quickly detect and act can be the difference between a nuisance or a disaster of your own making. Fortunately, downtime due to fluid intrusions is extremely preventable. An intelligent leak detection system will provide the early warning you need to avoid disruptions.

leak detection sensoring

More good news: you don’t have to spend a fortune to be prepared! Some facilities managers think they need to monitor and protect every inch of space from water intrusions. If you have an unlimited budget, go for it! But for the rest of us in the real world, it’s not necessary. The best use of resources is to fully protect critical areas around sensitive equipment with a variety of tools (fluid and chemical sensing cables, zone controllers, humidity sensors) and to use spot detectors to protect the rest of the facility.

Environmental Monitoring

Damage from cold, ice, and snow won’t always be limited to leaks. Winter weather can cause a data center to operate outside of its specific design perimeters, adding stress to the system. If the temperature gets too cold, it becomes difficult to heat any air taken in. Freeze can also set in on outdoor equipment such as HVAC heating coils, cooling towers, and humidification units. Not only can a frozen HVAC unit leak water, but snow and frost can clog intake vents. If this occurs, it can be difficult for air to circulate, and the entire system can shut down.

An environmental monitoring system can provide a holistic and immediate view into your facility’s health – airflow, humidity, temperature, power fluctuations, and more. Environmental sensors will deliver alerting and insight to ensure uptime in severe weather, and they will improve operational efficiencies after the storm.


Sensors help prevent overcooling, undercooling, electrostatic discharge, corrosion, short circuits.


Sensors help reduce operational and energy costs, defer capital expenditures, improve uptime, increase capacity for future growth.


Sensors alert facility managers to other problems besides leaks such as smoke or open cabinet doors.

Power Monitoring

While standby power reliability is a concern for any facility during an extreme weather event, it’s especially vital for those that provide emergency services – hospitals, police and fire, broadcast transmitters, government agencies, data centers.

Along with routine preventative maintenance, the best way for a mission-critical operation to ensure reliability is to monitor its Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) and batteries. By actively trending their health in real time, active alarms and trigger points can be established to notify you of existing or potential failure trends. With a power monitoring system, you can rest assured that your backup power will function optimally if disaster strikes.

backup power plan

Weather the Storm with CEG

Whether you’re gearing up for storm season or looking for protection against everyday risk, environmental monitoring should play a big part in your plans. And CEG’s got you covered. From fluid detection to remote access to UPS battery performance, we offer monitoring technology for every facet of your critical environment.

With our help you’ll be able to mitigate storms, maximize availability, enhance performance, and reduce downtime as efficiently and economically as possible. CONTACT US today to start prepping. We’ll bring the pumpkin spiced latte!


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