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Custom-designed Solutions for Your Unique Infrastructure

The space, support, protection, and overall architectural needs of an enterprise facility different than a remote edge environment. As a result, sometimes a standard vendor rack just won’t do. For customers that have unique cable routing, weight load, physical access, and other features that “standard” vendor cabinets don’t provide, CEG can design and manufacture customized racks to match your technical specifications, cost requirements, and future growth.

CEG is engaged with the customer  throughout the entire process when developing a custom solution. From proof-of-concept, design, and manufacturing to delivery and installation, we’re tuned into your unique needs. Contact Us today to get the discussion started.


Unique height, width, depth requirements for server and network racks


Specially sized holes or openings in non-standard locations


Seismic cabinets that exceed NEBS Zone 4 requirements


Vibration cabinets


Multi-door colocation cabinets


Unique Open-Frame Telco racks

CEG’s Specialty Racks

2-Door Colocation Cabinet
  • Outside Dimensions = 24”W x 77”H x 42”D
  • 16 gu welded cold-rolled steel frame.
  • 2 ea. 20U client compartments; completely isolated from each other.
  • 2 ea. individual 2.5” x 4” isolated rectangular cable troughs per compartment
    (4 total).
  • 2 ea. Perforated/Mesh flush-mount doors per compartment; 1 front and 1 rear.
  • Each door has a Lift-and-Turn handle with 3-digit combo lock.
  • Solid steel (non removable) divider shelf in between compartments (serves as a base
    for the top compartment).
  • Mesh top panel. Top frame has 4 ea. 3.5” round cable access holes.
  • Solid base with rear justified 6”x9” rectangular cut-out sized for brushed grommet.
  • Set of 4 depth adjustable 19”-rack mount rails, numerically sequenced, per compartment.
  • Solid (non removable) side panels.
  • Powder coat finish.
  • Parts kit including spring nuts for PDU or additional cable management installation.
Open Frame Rack
  • Open frame, bolt-together design.
  • Powder-coated cold rolled steel.
  • 23” rack-mount with #12-24 tapped rails (19” transition rails available as accessory).
  • Split rear doors with 80% hex perforation.
  • Horizontal bend radius manager in top
  • Horizontal cable trough in bottom.
  • 10 vertical cable managers, 5 on each side.
  • Optional hinged/removable side panels.
Unique Use - Cryptocurrency
  • Multi-level unit designed to support mother boards, CPU, and power supplies.
  • Mini baffles for airflow management so hot air doesn’t feed adjacent GPUs.
  • Can be provided with high density power strips mounted vertically on rack frame.
  • Variety of shelf sizes to support different quantities of CPU/GPU.
  • Stand-offs to support mother boards.
  • Frame built from 1” profile extruded aluminum with clear anodize finish.
  • Shelves use clear twin-wall polycarbonate.

Self-contained Rack Enclosures/Micro Data Centers

CEG offers self-contained rack systems that may be the smart choice for your Edge applications, server closets or small room environments that do not have the typical power and cooling infrastructure to support stand racks and equipment.

Also known as a Micro Data Center, these pre-integrated systems can easily deploy in days instead of weeks, allowing you to be up and running in a very short timeframe. Micro Data Center cabinets typically contain built-in rack cooling, power distribution, UPS and sometimes fire suppression, remote access and environmental monitoring. These self-contained rack enclosure systems are a speedy, cost-effective solution for your unique and remote IT environments, especially in edge deployments.

Vertiv Micro Data Center
Schneider Micro Data Center
Motivair Modular Data Center

Vertiv VRC-S Edge-ready Micro Data Center System

Schneider Electric Micro Data Center 24U SX, 3KVA, 120V

Eaton Containerized UPS System

Motivair Modular HPC Data Center

Want to learn more about CEG’s specialty racks?  Download our Line Card.