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Scalable, Efficient Infrastructure for Urgent Capacity Needs

Modular data centers significantly simplify design and construction, offering an alternative solution to overcome the traditional challenges of traditional “bricks and mortar” data center builds such as allocation of space, deployment in industrial environments, or the ability to scale capacity quickly.

Modular data centers combine traditional power, cooling, and IT data center infrastructure into modules that are built off-site in a factory environment. Each module is also pre-engineered and integrated with the latest monitoring and management software to ensure they operate as a system.

Facilities such as hospitals, universities, and automated factories can benefit the most from a modular data center by reclaiming valuable space for their core operation and locating the data center outside the building or even in a remote location.

CEG partners with the industry’s leading manufacturers to develop unique infrastructure solutions. Contact Us today to discuss your capacity needs.

Schneider Modular Data Center
Vertiv Modular Data Center

Benefits of Modular Data Center Solutions

Simple, fast deployment = lower install times, costs

Flexibility to add capacity as needed

Allows for scalable growth of IT infrastructure

Risk of overbuilding is eliminated

Decrease risk with a pre-engineered, fully managed system

Offsite fabrication allows you to re-allocate manpower

Standard system-level interface = simplified training

Reduce maintenance costs by up to 30%

Low PUE, high energy efficiency