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Improve Data Center Availability with Cooling Optimize and CEG

by | Feb 13, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Cooling accounts for nearly half of a data center’s energy usage, and it’s impossible to manage manually or with simple controls. The result is wasted energy, lost capacity, and hidden thermal risk.

Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize is a closed-loop system that reacts to real-time data. As IT load changes, the built-in machine learning automatically adjusts cooling output to match the dynamic data center environment. The result? Automatic elimination of 70-98% of all hot spots.  

Here’s a quick clip about all the improvements Cooling Optimize can identify in your data center cooling environment. Want to learn even more? Watch the full webinar HERE.

As a Schneider Electric Elite Data Center Partner, CEG can solve your toughest airflow issues. With Cooling Optimize – along with our own custom AFM solutions – we’ll ensure the right cooling is always available where it’s needed. CONTACT US to start improving efficiencies and sustainability in your data center TODAY!

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