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Here’s a Quick Take on Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize

by | Jan 26, 2023 | blog | 0 comments

Cooling accounts for nearly half of a data center’s energy usage, and it’s impossible to manage manually or with simple controls. The result is wasted energy, lost capacity, and hidden thermal risk.

Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize is powered by Machine Learning. It uses a predictive algorithm to measure, model, predict, and ultimately control key parameters of your air handling units. Its key benefits include improved availability, operational efficiencies, reduced energy consumption, and significant cost savings. Here’s a quick take on how Cooling Optimize reduces your data center’s carbon footprint, allowing your facility to achieve new levels of sustainability and efficiency.

Want to learn even more about effectively optimizing data center cooling? Watch our full webinar about Schneider Electric’s Cooling Optimize HERE.

As a Schneider Electric Elite Data Center Partner, CEG can solve your toughest airflow issues. With Cooling Optimize – along with our own custom AFM solutions – we ensure the right cooling is always available where it’s needed. CONTACT US to start improving efficiencies and sustainability in your data center TODAY!

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