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Are you getting what you need from your Remote Monitoring Systems?

Remote monitoring is frequently included in power, cooling, and other critical systems. But all too often people never connect their equipment. Are you taking advantage of all the functionality your remote monitoring systems provide? Are you sure?

If not, let CEG provide you with a FREE remote monitoring consultation. Whether you purchased from us or someone else, we can help determine if you’re hooked up correctly and if you’re getting the data you need to improve efficiencies.

*Facility must be located in the U.S. to qualify for consultation.

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    Monitoring & Alerting Solutions from CEG



    Use power monitoring and metering to determine PUE and avoid hot spots that can lead to unplanned outages.


    Add software monitoring for real-time alerts and trends down to the rack level.



    Zone and distance-read controllers, as well as rope, spot, conductive, and chemical -sensing cables.