Floor PDUs and RPP

Floor PDUs & RPP

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Efficient, Reliable Power Distribution for Mission Critical Applications

CEG helps you meet the demands of power-intensive applications with Floor Power Distribution Units and Remote Power Panels from the industry’s leading manufacturers. Both intelligent power distribution solutions are customizable, allowing us to configure the technology to handle your facility’s specific needs.

Intelligent & Reliable Floor PDUs for Environments of Any Size

CEG offers large three-phase floor Power Distribution Units (PDUs) that are appropriate in enterprise data centers and multi-tenant colocation providers. These floor – or cabinet – PDUs are appropriate for raised and non-raised floor applications as they take incoming power and distribute it to an individual rack or groups of racks.

We can also offer smaller floor PDUs that provide reliable uninterrupted single- or two-stage power distribution. With a compact footprint, these floor PDUs are a smart choice for small-to mid-sized data centers, network and server rooms, edge applications, and remote mission-critical facilities.

All the floor PDUs offered by CEG can support Intelligent power monitoring. With their easy BMS integration, you’re able to check system/breaker status, manage equipment loads and power usage, and identify root causes of power quality issues or outages in remote data centers and edge facilities.

Power Monitoring & Distribution in a Space-saving Footprint

CEG offers Remote Power Panels (RPP) from a variety of manufacturers that allow you to effectively use all existing capacity before investing in additional distribution. Our RPPs can also be customized by the vendor to suit every data center design requirement.

Optimize Existing Infrastructure with RPPs


Reduce the length of cable runs between PDU and individual loads


Optimize usable floor space


Meet growth demands of dual cord equipment


Retrofit to any existing distribution system


Incremental expansions minimize your investment risk today