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Critical Power Monitoring

by | Jan 22, 2018 | blog | 0 comments

44% of an average data center’s cost of ownership goes toward energy usage. On average, the cost of an unplanned data center outage per minute is $8,851.

With power being the largest operational cost for an IT facility, power densities dramatically increasing, and skyrocketing financial losses due to unplanned outages, CFOs and CIOs are scrutinizing the data center’s energy usage like never before. As a result, it’s a necessity to be aware of your facility’s power usage and be proactive in improving efficiencies.  Critical power monitoring, metering and trending from multiple points will provide that important insight.

Critical Power Monitoring

CEG’s critical power monitoring solutions deliver the alerting, data visualization and reporting necessary to ensure uptime and maintain operation efficiencies. The information you collect from our monitoring technology will be key in verifying energy consumption, ensuring business continuity under any circumstances, and justifying your company’s investment in data center improvements.

Why CEG?

We partner with industry-leading vendors to provide intuitive environmental monitoring technology that will safeguard any mission-critical environment. Those partnerships, coupled with our own internal integration expertise, allows us to offer the most comprehensive monitoring solutions available – all on a single pane of glass. CEG can integrate software from multiple vendors to give your team a comprehensive snapshot on one screen and in real-time.

CEG’s Single Pane of Glass:

  • Intelligent Rack Power Management
  • Outlet and Rack-level Power Administration
  • Branch Circuit Protection
  • Facility & Multi-site Consumption Management
  • Environmental Monitoring & Alerting
  • Facility Monitoring

CEG’s experts are always available to discuss your needs and help you make informed decisions. In addition to monitoring technology, we offer a full array of critical power products and solutions. 

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