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CEG Vlog – Top-of-Rack Containment Strategies for the Hot Aisle

by | Sep 16, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

For data centers employing a hot aisle containment strategy, top-of-rack containment is a must. In hot aisles, this involves a configuration of baffles or duct work that runs from the hot aisle to the returns of the cooling units. This airflow management best practice can have a significant impact on IT equipment intake air temperatures at a relatively low cost. 

Watch CEG Senior Vice President of Operations Rob Huttemann and Lars Strong, Senior Engineer and Company Science Officer for Upsite Technologies discuss the situations in which this type of containment strategy is appropriate, and provide real world examples of successful top-of-rack deployment. For more row-level airflow management best practices, read our in-depth article in Mission Critical Magazine


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