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New Tech News – Liebert PSI5 Lithium Ion UPS

by | Feb 18, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Li-ion UPS for data centers

Li-ion Single Phase UPS provides longer runtime, lowest TCO for edge deployments

More and more digital applications are being shifted to the edge of the network, where on-site IT support is limited. But these edge facilities are no less critical than most enterprise data centers and should have the same level of power protection. Lithium-ion batteries are a perfect choice for edge sites because they bring reliable, ‘set it and forget it’ performance; and they eliminate the frequent battery refreshes that are required with traditional valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries. In short, lithium-ion batteries can provide significant savings and stability for IT managers with edge facilities. Vertiv is the latest manufacturer to recognize the value of Lithium-ion at the edge by adding lithium-ion models to its Liebert PSI5 Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) family.

Lithium-ion Delivers Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

The Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-ion line-interactive UPSs, which come in 2U 1500VA and 3000VA models, are ideally suited to protect critical infrastructure in edge or distributed IT applications. The life expectancy of lithium-ion batteries is twice that of VRLA batteries – up to 10 years. That delivers up to 50% or more in TCO savings, chiefly because the PSI5 requires fewer battery replacements over its lifespan. You save not only on the cost of batteries but on the labor required to replace them. The Liebert PSI5 also leverages the superior energy density of lithium-ion batteries to enable significantly longer runtime in a similar footprint – up to 20 minutes of runtime at half load and 9 minutes at full load.

Features & Benefits of the PSI5 Single Phase UPSCEG offers lithium ion batteries for data centers

  • Up to nine minutes of runtime at full load.
  • Delivers up to 10x more charge/discharge cycles than VRLA batteries.
  • Recharges to 100% capacity in three hours or less.
  • Advanced, pure sine wave output power on battery
  • High availability 0.9 output power factor.
  • Automatic and manual self-diagnostic testing.
  • Battery Management System that provides real-time monitoring of battery conditions.
  • Audible and visual alarms.
  • Seven total outlets with three programmable outlets to prioritize critical loads on backup power.


Make the Li-ion Switch in your Edge Deployment

Liebert PSI5 Lithium Ion UPSLithium-ion is a game-changing technology when it comes to UPS batteries. When compared to VRLA batteries , Lithium-Ion has greater power density, lasts about twice as long (or longer), recharges much more quickly, and can endure up to 10x more discharge cycles. A lithium-ion UPS will provide reliable and consistent power protection for your critical equipment at the network edge and in distributed IT applications, including branch locations for stores and banks, or schools and office buildings.

If you’ve been thinking about moving from VRLA batteries to lithium-ion, now’s the time to make the switch. Liebert PSI5 models are eligible for Vertiv’s trade-in program which enables customers to trade in almost any aging single-phase UPS – Vertiv and competitive systems – for discounted pricing on new Vertiv Liebert PSI or GXT UPS systems. The Trade-In Program also includes free shipping and recycling of the surrendered UPS units, in compliance with the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS).

As a trusted Vertiv partner, you can rest assured that CEG will get you the right critical power equipment for your edge environment at the right price. CONTACT ME today to make the switch to lithium-ion.