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CEG Case Study – Custom Aisle Containment for Data Centers

by | Aug 18, 2022 | blog, Case Studies | 0 comments

ceg containment case study

The CRAC units for a single-suite data center in a large metropolitan colocation facility were cooling inefficiently. As a result, the data center was experiencing balancing issues and higher-than-expected energy costs. CEG’s engineers were asked to assess the environment and provide options.

CEG designed a multi-faceted, custom containment solution that addressed the environment both above and below the raised floor. The under-floor portion would direct more supply air to higher density areas in the data center. And by creating a more direct path for hot air return above the raised floor, a more even and balanced workload across all CRAC units would be possible.

As a result of CEG’s custom containment and optimization, the data center has realized a noticable increase in return-air temperatures for all its CRAC units. The solution also better balanced the loads being cooled by each unit.

In addition to achieving airflow improvements, the client was able to reduce its cooling energy usage—resulting in a cost savings of nearly 30%!

CEG is the industry’s go-to for custom aisle containment strategies for any kind of situation – raised floor or slab; new construction or retrofit; hot aisle or cold aisle containment. CEG’s experts can design, fabricate, and install the components you need to increase energy efficiency and capacity.


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