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Case Study – Custom Racks Address Unique Needs of Crypto Mining

by | Oct 27, 2022 | blog, Case Studies | 0 comments

crypto mining racks

When a national consumer technology compny expanded its business to include cryptocurrency mining, their rigs were cobbled together based on racks bought on Amazon. As they attempted to scale, they quickly realized there was nothing in place to manage the power, airflow, and heat rejection requirements of a bigger operation.

CEG developed a custom infrastructure solution that addressed the unique housing requirements of crypto mining equipment. The racks were constructed with the extruded aluminum profiles CEG uses for data center containment panels. But they looked nothing like a data center cabinet.

With this special containment system, the client expects to significantly extend the lifespan of their mining hardware. It also allows for a repeatable deployment scheme as they scale.

Custom Designs for Unique Infrastructure

The overall architectural needs of a cryptocurrency environment or remote edge facility are different than an enterprise data center. As a result, sometimes a standard vendor rack just won’t do. That’s where CEG can help. CEG can design and manufacture customized racks to match your technical specifications, cost requirements, and future growth.


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