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Mission critical companies seek out CEG for our expertise, experience and successful track record. Dive a little deeper into our clients’ unique challenges and how we’ve helped.

netrality case study

Custom Solutions Exceeds Netrality's Expectations

Netrality Data Centers asked CEG to construct an aesthetically pleasing hot aisle containment setup that would provide easy busway system access and accommodate racks of various sizes.

containment case study

Hospital in a Critical Power Crisis Looks to CEG for a Quick Solution

When a hospital experienced an outage, CEG was their first call for help. Skimping on service may save money today, but it will cost you eventually, especially with older equipment!

electrical contracting customer service

Creative Customer Service Exceeds Contractor's Expectations

Supply chain issues prevented CEG from delivering a UPS system to Diefenderfer by their customer’s deadline. In the final hours, we developed a solution that allowed them to power up on time.

CEG Provides Medical Center with Critical Power Peace of Mind

In a part of the U.S. that frequently experiences power outages, a large medical campus has never dealt with downtime or data loss – thanks to our white glove preventative maintenance.

containment case study

Custom Aisle Containment for Data Centers

A single-suite data center’s CRAC units were cooling inefficiently, resulting in balancing issues and high energy costs. CEG’s solution addressed both above and below the raised floor. 

Wireless Sensor Network Improves Efficiencies, Energy Usage

A financial services institution needed a better method for data center cooling. It needed a solution that would improve cooling efficiencies and automate the airflow optimization process.


Custom Racks & Enclosures Address Unique Needs of Crypto Mining

As a tech company expanded its business to include cryptocurrency mining, they asked CEG for infrastructure that could address the airflow and heat rejection needs of a larger operation.

data center power conditioning

Power Conditioning Protects Kawasaki Against Surges, Swells, Spikes

Kawasaki’s manufacturing plant realizes a significant energy savings, a double-digit decrease in demand spikes, and equipment longevity thanks to CEG’s Power Conditioning System.

power conditioning manufacturing plant

Power Conditioning Improves Quality of Power in Unilever Production Plant

With CEG’s Power Conditioning System, Unilever is realizing improved resiliency and longevity of major equipment – motors, pumps, compressors, assembly lines – that must run 24/7.