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#AlwaysBeLearning about Piller’s latest Critical Power Solution

by | Aug 18, 2020 | blog, news | 0 comments

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For a sales rep, #AlwaysBeLearning is much more than just a hashtag – it’s a way of life! It’s impossible for anyone to recommend the best possible product/solution for your data center if they’re unaware of all the new innovations happening in our industry, right?

I recently received extensive sales representative training on the latest generation of Uninterruptible Power Supply technology from Piller. I’ve been involved with technical representation of Piller products for many years, and I have to say that their new UB-V Electrically Coupled (EC) UPS is quite exceptional!

UB-V Series High-performance UPS from Piller

The new UB-V series UPS platform is designed for the typical large-scale data center, combining cost effective ownership with high reliability, efficiency and power density. It has an impressive new electronics platform that includes redundant controls and self-diagnostics monitoring. The result is a critical power product that truly takes reliability and reduced maintenance and downtime to a new level.

But the heart of Piller’s UB-V UPS (and in my opinion, its biggest differentiator) is the Uniblock electrical machine which recreates the output sign wave versus a static UPS that uses electronics to produce the output sign wave. The Uniblock electrical machine gives the UB-V the advantage by providing high fault current capability on its output, thereby eliminating the need for the capacitors and fans used in other types of UPSs.

The UB-V series’ power ratings range from 1100kVA / 1.0MW to 3600kVA / 3.24MW in both battery and kinetic energy storage versions, making them ideal for large scale deployment. In addition, the scale of Piller’s units eliminates the need for multiple module paralleling, which can further enhance reliability and save space and costs.

A few more details about Piller’s new UPS series:

  • Up to 98% efficiency at full load, 97% at half load
  • Advanced control system with self-diagnostics
  • No routine maintenance shutdown
  • Extended power range – single units up to 3240kW
  • Competitive footprint, saving up to 20% more floor space
  • Lithium-ion, VRLA or flywheel ride-through
  • Low and medium voltage versions
  • Suitable for stabilization of renewable energy sources
  • Suitable for export of embedded power generation.

In summary, I’m now your expert source for all things UB-V! I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your critical power needs and determine if this new Piller offering is the right fit for your facility. Feel free to send me a LinkedIn message or email me at [email protected].