Ensure Optimum Humidity Levels Throughout Your Facility

The control of humidity in data centers and other IT environments is essential to achieving high availability. Too much or too little humidity directly contributes to reduced productivity and equipment downtime.

CEG offers a wide range of humidification systems as part of our comprehensive precision cooling solutions.

Importance of Maintaining Humidity Levels

Too much humidity in the data center — If a data center becomes too humid, data centers run the risk of having condensation form. Moisture on motherboards, in hard drives, and in connecting sockets will quickly lead to damage, corrosion, and eventual equipment failure.

Too little humidity in the data center — When data center air becomes too dry, the risk of electrostatic discharge (ESD) quickly becomes elevated. The cool, low humidity air moving throughout the data center can potentially be a source of static electricity.

Adiabatic Humidification

Adiabatic/evaporative humidification systems use mechanical energy to generate finely atomized water particles that are released into the air. This process doesn’t require thermal energy from an external source and no heat is added.

Perhaps the most notable benefit of adiabatic humidification is air cooling, making it an ideal part of a precision cooling solution for data centers or in spaces with an additional heat load. CEG offers a variety of adiabatic humidification systems from industry-leading manufacturers.


Ultrasonic humidifiers


Centrifugal humidifiers


Air and water atomizers


Pressurized water humidifiers

Isothermal Humidification

Isothermal/steam humidification systems use electricity or gas as an external heat source to boil water creating steam as water vapor is dispersed in the air. CEG offers a variety of Isothermal humidification systems as part of a comprehensive HVAC solution for facilities such as labs, IT rooms, and other sensitive environments.


Immersed electrode humidifiers


Steam distribution systems


Gas-fired humidifiers


Heater humidifiers

Custom Containment Solution Exceeds Client Expectations

Netrality asked CEG for a hot aisle containment setup that would provide easy busway system access and accommodate racks of various sizes. CEG came up with a custom design featuring above-rack panels. Complete the form to access the case study and photo gallery.

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