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Reduce Hot Spots, Energy Usage with Rack Level Containment

Rack Airflow Management (AFM) is the process of managing airflow through the through the vertical plane across the face of IT equipment intakes. AFM at the rack level is the low hanging fruit in a comprehensive aisle containment strategy and often provides the greatest return on investment.

With CEG’s custom and OEM rack containment solutions, you’ll be able to increase cooling unit capacity while decreasing energy consumption.

Best Practices for Rack-level Containment

Raised Floor

Seal all open spaces – between mounting rails and sides of cabinets, cable openings within cabinets, open U spaces.


Block openings between air supply and return air including cable access ports, unused/open rack mounts, open space between hot and cold aisles.


Deploy a vertical exhaust duct or “chimney” at the top of the rack to guide hot air into the ceiling plenum where it can be returned to the cooling system.

Reduce bypass airflow by filling empty rack unit spaces in server cabinets.
Decrease energy usage, increase equipment load.
CEG offers sizes from 1U to 44U.

Blanking Panels

Contains and expels hot exhaust air within the cabinet, leaving the room cool.
Ideal for new or retrofit installations of high- to-mid-density output.
CEG offers customized Active & Passive Chimneys.

Vertical Exhaust Duct

Supports increased cabinet density and equipment reliability.
Reduces need to purchase additional cooling units.
Ideal for all raised-floor cooling configurations (hot and/or cold aisle).

Brush Grommets & Seals

Maintains switch relability and improves longevity.
Channels cold air to the switch and prevents hot air recirculation.
CEG offers Passive and Active airflow reversal solutions.

In-rack Switch Cooling

Improves air conditioning efficiency, reduces energy costs by preventing cold air bypass and recirculation.
Ideal for raised floor or slab cooling configurations (legacy, hot and/or cold aisle containment).

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