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Airflow Reversal for Network Switches

Network switch equipment typically sits at the top and back portion of the server rack. This placement makes it difficult for cold air from the cold aisle to travel from the front of the rack to the intake side(s) of the network switch. An airflow reversal device solves this problem by extending from the front of the rack to the switch at the back. This allows cold air from the cold aisle to reach the equipment for proper cooling.

CEG offers both passive and active airflow reversal solutions to address rack-mounted switch cooling issues.

Our airflow reversing products are adjustable to accommodate a variety of depths. Installation is simple and quick, and no additional power supply is needed.

Network switches mounted at the top and rear of the rack are susceptible to heated air from the servers. Hot air is recirculated, putting stress on the device.

CEG’s Airflow Reversal products direct cool air to the network switches, significantly lowering operating temperatures.

Airflow Reversal Benefits


Passive airflow reversal kit provides a dedicated path for cool air to travel to the air intake of the network switch.


An active airflow reversal solution utilizes internal fans to pull cool air from the front of the cabinet to the air intake of the network switch.


Augments and improves upon airflow management best practices.


Easily accommodates front, rear, and side switch intakes and exhausts.


Reduces the chance of network switches overheating.


Maintains switch reliability and improves switch longevity.


Improves equipment efficiency by providing network equipment with the same cold aisle air temperature as other devices in the rack.


Decreases wraparound hot airflow from the hot aisle to the cold aisle due to missing blanking panels.

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