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CEG's Custom Containment Addresses Efficiency and Sustainability Goals

The right aisle containment strategy can not only improve network uptime but also reduce the operating cost and the carbon footprint of a data center, making it imperative that data center managers pick exactly the right system to deploy.

CEG is the industry’s go-to for custom containment strategies in IT environments of all sizes. Our experts will assess whether hot aisle or cold aisle containment is right for you. We can then design, fabricate, and install the components you need to reduce power usage, increase capacity, and achieve your sustainability goals.

CEG Custom Aisle Containment Solutions:

Custom Aisle Containment

Ensure efficient operation and sufficient redundant capacity.


Allow for circulation of only the necessary amount of cooled air, while isolating the heat created by the IT equipment.


Achieve a lower Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE).


For colocation facilities, increase the number of customers and/or amount of power that can be sold per suite.


Enable you to defer capital expenditure, from additional cooling units all the way up to a new data center build.

Hot aisle containment isolates hot exhaust air and provides a direct return path back to AC units. ~ Increases the cooling capacity of your CRAC/CRAH. ~ CEG’s custom hot aisle designs can be installed in raised floor or slab environments; new construction or retrofit.

Custom Hot Aisle Containment

Cold aisle containment ensures proper intake air temperatures are maintained for IT equipment – saving energy and money. ~ CEG’s custom cold aisle designs can be installed in raised floor or slab environments; new construction or retrofit.

Custom Cold Aisle Containment

CEG offers custom single and dual sliding doors and swing doors.
Custom doors for hot and/or cold aisle containment.
Appropriate for new builds and retrofit data centers.

Custom Aisle Doors

Top-of-rack containment is ideal for high cabinet densities or when the highest possible efficiency is desired. ~ Cold aisle involves partitions, baffles, or roofing to contain conditioned air supply. ~ CEG installs baffles or duct work from the hot aisle to the returns of the cooling units.

Custom Above Rack Solutions

E-Forcer is CEG’s custom, made-to-order CRAC/CRAH hood. ~ Designed to fit most any data center design with an above-ceiling space that can be used as a return plenum. ~ Achieve a more balanced thermal load

Custom CRAC/CRAH Ducts

Custom Containment Solution Exceeds Client Expectations

Netrality asked CEG for a hot aisle containment setup that would provide easy busway system access and accommodate racks of various sizes. CEG came up with a custom design featuring above-rack panels. Complete the form to access the case study and photo gallery.

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