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Effectively Manage Bypass Air at the Raised Floor Level

Managing airflow through the horizonal plane of the raised floor is known as Raised Floor Airflow Management (AFM). Raised floor AFM ensures that the cooling capacity in a data center room is properly delivered to the cold aisle.

CEG offers a wide array of products for a raised floor environment that contribute to more efficient airflow and cooling – especially when they’re part of an aisle containment system.

Raised Floor AFM Best Practices

Raised Floor

Seal all openings in the raised floor (except for supply panels).


Manage the type, location, and quantity of floor tiles in your environment. An airflow panel should provide enough cooling air in front of a rack(s) to ensure servers remain at safe operating temperatures without overcooling.


Consider your physical room space, leveling issues, weight loads, and equipment airflow ratings when determining which floor tiles, containment accessories, and sensors are right for your critical environment.

Stratification fins direct chilled air to balance airflow, eliminate hot spots.
Hybrid panels can reduce aisle space from 4’ to 3’.
Load ratings from 1000lbs to 5000lbs.
Varying surface types – powder coated, high-pressure laminate, aluminum.

Airflow Panels

Cement filled, wood core, solid steel.
Clearview allows for convenient underfloor viewing.
Load ratings from 1000lbs to 5000lbs

Solid Floor Panels

Understand static pressure loss or fluctuation.
Balance cooling airflow
Increase available datapoints for better infrastructure insight.

Raised Floor Monitoring Panels

Attach to chamfer or slotted panels to finetune airflow.
Allows for airflow adjustments down to the individual server level.
CEG offers embedded slide dampers and opposed blade dampers from leading manufacturers.


Fill cutouts to improve airflow and efficiency.
CEG offers foam grommets in a variety of sizes and shapes.
CEG offers brush grommets in a variety of sizes and shapes.


Effectively controls airflow distribution by sealing off unused space.
Easily cools hot spots with dedicated airflow partitioning.
CEG offers baffle systems as part of a custom containment solution. 

Under Floor Baffle Systems

Mass Airflow
Temperature and Humidity
Leak Detection
Air Velocity and Air Pressure

Environmental Sensors

Custom Containment Solution Exceeds Client Expectations

Netrality asked CEG for a hot aisle containment setup that would provide easy busway system access and accommodate racks of various sizes. CEG came up with a custom design featuring above-rack panels. Complete the form to access the case study and photo gallery.

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