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Rack Level Cooling

Vertiv VRC Rack Cooling System, 3500 Watts

The Vertiv™ VRC rack-mounted IT cooling unit packs powerful, scalable cooling into a compact unit and has been designed to tackle some of the biggest challenges seen in edge environments. Its variable speed components provide up to 3.5 kW of scalable cooling capacity, while its compact footprint saves valuable IT floorspace for critical equipment. It is available in a self-contained and split version, allowing for flexible installation regardless of building architecture or existing equipment.

Vertiv Geist SwitchAir

Network switches, load balancers and routers typically sit at the top and back portion of the rack, away from the cold aisle airflow at the front of the cabinet. This placement makes it difficult for cold air to flow from the front of the rack to the air intakes of the network switch equipment, increasing chances of failure over time. SwitchAir helps prevent failure by channeling cool air from the front of the rack to the air intakes regardless of where the equipment is mounted.

In Row Cooling

Liebert CRV In Row Cooling System, 10-40kW

The Vertiv Liebert CRV is a precision data center cooling solution, integrated within a row of data center racks and was designed to address some of the major challenges seen in high density applications. With adjustable airflow baffles and controls that independently manage airflow and temperature, the Liebert CRV can precisely deliver highly efficient cooling in the row where it’s needed. The system is available in multiple options, providing flexibility for any installation.

Liebert XD Refrigerant-based Cooling Modules

Liebert XD refrigerant-based cooling modules deliver high-density cooling with highly flexible configurations for floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount applications.

Room Cooling

Liebert PDX Compact DX Cooling System, 11-29kW

Liebert PCW Compact DX Cooling System, 11-29kW

Liebert DataMate Mission Critical Cooling System, 5-10.5kW

Liebert Mini-Mate, 10.5, 14 & 17.5kW

Thermal Control & Monitoring

Liebert iCOM-S

Manage and control your entire data center cooling system for up to 40% higher efficiency, improved protection and greater productivity. Liebert iCOM-S provides a single point for managing your entire cooling infrastructure and gaining quick access to actionable data, system diagnostics and trending.

Liebert iCOM Cooling Unit Control

Manage and control data center cooling units to improve protection, automate cooling system routines and simplify maintenance.