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Serial Consoles

Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 8000 Serial Consoles

The Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 8000 Serial Consoles deliver secure in-band and out-of-band visibility and control to downstream equipment in enterprise data centers, as well as cloud and colocation facilities.

Vertiv™ Avocent® ACS 800 Serial Console

The ACS 800 provides serial access, environmental monitoring, IoT integration and remote networking capability to edge-oriented market sectors including financial institutions, retail chains and education.


Avocent HMX 8000 High Performance KVM Systems

The Vertiv Avocent HMX8000 IP keyboard, video and mouse (KVM) system is a high-performance extender offering 4K video over a single fiber connection, along with audio and universal serial bus (USB). It delivers pixel-perfect, color-accurate picture quality with 4K resolution at 60Hz using the USB 2.0 specification for fast switching, making it the preferred solution for broadcasting, post production, and other applications where high resolution and zero latency are required.

Avocent HMX 6000 High Performance KVM Systems

The Avocent HMX 6000 Series is an IP-based high performance KVM extender that can be part of a fully matrixed KVM solution when an HMX Advanced manager is added to the solution. This enables you to locate your critical computing hardware in a secure and temperature-controlled environment away from the user workstation, while maintaining a pixel perfect desktop experience.

Avocent HMX 6500R High Performance KVM Receiver

The Avocent HMX 6500R High Performance KVM System receiver delivers KVM and VM access without requiring additional hardware or compromise on KVM functionality. By incorporating Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) protocols into the receiver, operators can access all machines in a more efficient way. It is ideal for demanding applications such as broadcast, control rooms and collaborative environments.

Avocent HMX 5000 High Performance KVM Systems

The Avocent HMX Digital High Performance KVM system is designed for organizations that need to seamlessly access and share one or more computing resource(s) which are physically separated from their work environment. This solution provides users an “at-the-desktop” experience from their workstations to any appliances, PCs or computing resources attached to the HMX IP network.

Desktop KVM

Avocent SwitchView 200 Series Desktop KVM Switches

Avocent Desktop KVM switches simplify access to essential business systems. Each switch supports a wide range of peripherals and up to four different systems. By pushing a button, users gain instant access to multiple computers – all through a single monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Avocent SwitchView 300 Series Desktop KVM Switches

Feature-rich desktop KVM, designed to streamline the desktop experience and enhance user productivity. Supports dual monitor, DVI-I, Display Port 1.2 or HDMI 1.4. Provides easy connectivity to external USB devices, quick data transfer and high-speed charging of mobile devices.

Avocent SwitchView Matrix

Through the elimination of multiple KVM peripherals and reduction in desk clutter, the Vertiv Avocent SwitchView Matrix increases productivity and reduces operating expenses for organizations. It also enhances the ability of users to multi-task by keeping two systems in the user’s field of vision at any given time.

Cybex SC800 Series Secure Desktop KVM Switches

The Cybex™ SC800 DPH and DPHC series secure desktop KVM switching portfolio eliminates redundant peripherals and reduces desktop clutter. This single head secure switch gives users access up to four computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. 

Cybex SC900 Series Secure Desktop KVM Switches

The Cybex SC900 DPH and DPHC series secure desktop KVM switching portfolio eliminates redundant peripherals and reduces desktop clutter. This dual head secure switch gives users access up to eight computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse.

Cybex SCKM100 Series Secure Desktop KM Switches

Access up to four systems simultaneously and navigate between systems effortlessly. The Avocent SCKM switch provides real-time access to up to 4 systems at a time from a single keyboard and mouse.

Vertiv Cybex Secure MultiViewer KVM Switch

The Vertiv Cybex™ Secure MultiViewer KVM continues to provide the KVM solution required in accessing both classified and non-classified data. The Cybex Secure Multiview accepts either HDMI or DP connector cables when the input/target video port has a universal connector. It can be used in either a single or dual display projection scenario with up to 16 computers on a single screen and features such as tiling, windowing, and touch screen.

Avocent AV 3000 Series KVM-over-IP Switching Solutions

Built for small data centers and remote/branch office environments, the AV 3000 series KVM-over-IP switch provides consolidated, streamlined access to server resources.

Avocent AV100 KVM Switches

Avocent AV100 KVM basic switch offers simplified local access, management, and control of up to 16 targets from a single console. This single user, smaller form factor KVM switch is designed specifically for IT rooms, small data centers and branch offices

Console Trays

Avocent LRA 18.5"

The Vertiv Avocent Local Rack Access (LRA) Console provides the simplicity, efficiency, and ease of use to make it the ideal data center access point. When connected to a KVM switch, the LRA line enables easy access to multiple servers making software upgrades, troubleshooting, system monitoring, convenient, less time-consuming and protecting uptime. Compatible with all Vertiv Avocent data center KVM switches, it includes a widescreen LCD console tray, full desktop-style keyboard with touchpad.