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Close Coupled Air Conditioners

Uniflair Chilled Water InRow Cooling

The InRow Chilled Water family closely couples the cooling with the heat source, improving predictability and efficiency. Intelligent controls actively adjust to match the load, addressing the dynamic demands of today’s IT environments. Available in various configurations, these units meet the diverse requirements for medium to large data centers. 

Air Distribution

Rack Air Distribution

These rack-based cooling products are specifically integrated in or on individual rack enclosures to solve inadequate air distribution problems. They are ideal for power dense racks and low pressure areas. Rack Air Distribution systems work with existing cooling products to either provide cool air to or remove heat from the rack enclosure.
  • Rack air removal unit
  • NetShelter WX fan module
  • Roof fan tray
  • Vertical exhaust duct kit
  • NetShelter 2U rack fan panel
  • Rack side air distribution 2U
  • Rack air distribution unit 2U
  • Netshelter 2U vent panel with temperature display

Room Air Distribution

Wiring closet heat loads are rising due to deployment of technologies such as VoIP and Power over Ethernet. Many closets where these technologies are being deployed are not designed with adequate air distribution. The Wiring Closet Ventilation Unit is a rapidly deployable wall or ceiling mounted air distribution and heat removal system designed specifically for the wiring closet environment.

This budget conscious unit is an excellent alternative to more expensive air-conditioning systems, providing reliable heat removal with the capability to lower closet temperatures by up to 40ºF (22ºC).

NetShelter Data Center Containment

The EcoAisle is an intelligent thermal containment solution designed to increase cooling system efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and personnel. The Active Flow Control (AFC) available in the EcoAisle provides the intelligence to communicate to the cooling system in order to right size the cooling airflow to match the load of the IT equipment providing a reduction in fan energy over conventional cooling systems.

The Eco Aisle system adapts to varying rack heights, aisle widths, and rack depths to support either hot or cold aisle containment. The Air Return System of the EcoAisle provides a centralized hot air return path for room based CRAC/CRAH units or external air handling systems. 

Chillers & Heat Rejection

Uniflair Air Cooled Chillers

Air-cooled chillers provide the most efficient solution for large data center environments and afford placement flexibility. Schneider Electric’s Aquaflair Chillers offer low noise impact through the use of large air side exchangers, controlling fan rotation, and compressor insulation and housing. These chillers support a wide range of applications and maximize the availability of Row and Room cooling products to provide a complete heat removal solution.

Uniflair Fluid Coolers

Schneider Electric fluid coolers support row and room cooling systems, including support of economizers, to provide a complete solution for small to medium data centers. These products are designed to use water or glycol, and offer the flexibility to support a wide range of applications.