DCIM Software

EcoStruxure Software

EcoStruxure IT Expert

Cloud-based, Vendor Agnostic Visibility into Your IT Infrastructure

EcoStruxure IT Expert provides an efficient way for distributed IT and local edge organizations to monitor their power and cooling equipment regardless of the vendor. Real-time monitoring, benchmarking, assessment, and instant fault notification and escalation provide the visibility and insights you need to proactively manage your IT infrastructure. 

  • Easy deployment
  • Full mobile visibility
  • Analytics for smarter decision-making
  • Pay as you go for simplified budgeting
  • Public API for flexibility and enhanced transparency
  • Assessments for optimized device maintenance

EcoStruxure IT Advisor

The Industry's First Cloud-based DCIM Solution

EcoStruxure IT Advisor allows data center managers to model and manage their multi-vendor physical infrastructure equipment, eliminating dependency on complex spreadsheets. Featuring inventory management for easy access to accurate asset data and impact simulation for optimized risk management, this cloud-based solution helps you reduce OpEx and plan for uptime. 
  • Asset manageent for accurate inventory and model data
  • Risk planning for proactive incident management
  • Colocation capabilities
  • Vendor-neutral software for simple management of your entire data center
  • Analytics for smarter decision making
  • Capacity management for optimized, intelligent planning
  • Change management to move, add, change, and delete IT equipment

Cooling Optimize

AI-driven Dynamic Cooling Management and Optimization

Cooling Optimize continuously optimizes airflow in the data center, delivering improved reliability and availability. It is a closed-loop system that reacts to real-time data, which reduces the chances of downtime. The system constantly adapts cooling to varying IT loads through the use of its artificial intelligence engine. Cooling Optimize automatically removes up to 95% of hot spots, and helps diagnose potential facility risks.

  • Improved temperature set point compliance
  • Reduced overall temperatures throughout the facility
  • Cooling energy savings
  • Decreased carbon footprint
  • Reduced wear and tear on cooling equipment

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor

Real-time Remote Monitoring and Alerting for Your Critical Equipment

EcoStruxure Asset Advisor offers maximum protection of your critical equipment via smart alarming, remote troubleshooting and 24/7 real-time monitoring. And with just one tap, the EcoStruxure IT app gives you access to your assets, incident tracking and online chat collaboration, keeping you in touch with Schneider Electric and your team.

  • Incident tracking
  • Monthly report
  • Real-time alerts and notifications
  • Chat collaboration on incidents
  • Proactive service dispatch
  • Global visibility
  • Need to reduce operating and energy costs?
  • Looking for ways to meet sustainability, decarbonization goals?
  • Spending too much time chasing hot spots?
  • Experiencing cooling capacity constraints?

  • Join Schneider Electric and CEG on Wednesday, December 14 for a discussion on cooling complexities in today’s data centers and learn how dynamic control will solve this problem.

    Early adopting colos are realizing a 40% reduction in power consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as a 30% cost savings. What could you do with an additional 30% in your bottom line?