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Active Power

Piller occupies a unique position, being the only company to produce a range of rotary UPS and static UPS technologies, encompassing kinetic energy storage systems or batteries, ground power units and 50/60Hz frequency converters.

With over 7000 kinetic energy storage devices and more than 6000 rotary UPS units up to 3600kVA installed, Piller has around 300 technicians taking care of clients in more than 50 countries.


UNIBLOCK™ UB-V Electrically Coupled UPS For Large Scale Data Centers

Piller’s high-performance UB-V electrically coupled UPS series addresses the conditioned power protection needs of cloud hyperscale, wholesale hyperscale, wholesale colocation and large enterprise deployments.  

The Piller UNIBLOCK UB-V is a flexible solution providing up to 3.24MW of UPS in a single module to give higher reliability compared with large scale static deployments and better availability through significantly extended preventative maintenance service intervals leading to fewer shutdowns.

Critical Power Modules

CPM with Flywheel 225kW up to 2.4MW

The Piller Critical Power Module (CPM) topology is designed to deliver optimum performance combined with all of the operational features demanded by the modern data centre. The module houses its own energy storage with sufficient guaranteed capacity for delayed transition to standby generators. Capable of operating in up to four different modes, the CPM affords the perfect balance between required levels of protection and electrical efficiency.

Static Uninterruptible Power Supply

Static UPS from 2kW up to 360kW

Complex computer centers, automated production plants and other critical applications make high demands on UPS systems, as power supply failures can have catastrophic results. Non-linear loads therefore have to be handled as safely as shock loads and overloads such as those caused by power surges. When it comes to the security and economy of a UPS system, there is no room for compromise. The Piller Static UPS meets the highest requirements of a secure power supply and at the same time is very economical.