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PermAlert is the leading leak detection technology provider since 1988. As part of the larger Perma-Pipe Inc, the company works closely with clients across the globe to address their leak detection challenges and ensure maximum protection of their assets.

Control Panels

PAL-AT Leak Detection Controller

PAL-AT is a versatile leak detection controller with advanced features that can detect leaks for wide range of applications for water, corrosive liquids and hydrocarbons.

LiquidWatch II Leak Detection System

The LiquidWatch II is a highly modular leak detection system designed to detect water and volatile liquids using discrete probes with fast sensing response time. The system is expandable up to 64 probes and alarm relays.

FluidWatch Remote Leak Detection

FluidWatch is a remote leak detection system that has been engineered to monitor small areas for water leaks. Typical applications include unmanned equipment rooms, small raised floor areas and small tanks.