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Onics Energy is a trusted expert in mitigating the energy waste caused by THD with patented and certified OES-11 filters. Almost any type of business can save up to 25% on their electricity bills with this cutting-edge technology. 

Harmonics Filters

Total Harmonics Distortion (THD) is unchecked, unused electricity that is consumed “out-of-phase,” grounded, or returned to the electrical grid. THD causes problems in your power distribution system, which can lead to over-heating, power losses of select power system distribution components, and, above all, energy waste. That energy waste equates to unnecessary costs for your business. 

Onics Energy’s patented and certified Harmonics Filters deliver real energy savings by mitigating energy waste due to THD. 

  • Increased Power Efficiency
  • Extended Equipment Lifetime
  • Reduced Voltage Glitches
  • Reduced kWh Consumption
  • Cut in Equipment Maintenance Costs
  • Savings on Electricity Expenses
  • Positive ROI within Months

Waveform Reading Before OES-11 Filter Installation

Waveform Reading After OES-11 Filter Installation