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The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here and Motivair is uniquely positioned to support its continued evolution. Motivair’s wide range of products are focused on providing customized cooling solutions for the critical infrastructure and technology behind the world’s leading businesses, allowing them to offer better products and services while generating higher revenues and profits for their investors.

Data Center and IT Cooling

ChilledDoor Rack Cooling System

The Motivair ChilledDoor® Rack Cooling System is an active rear door heat exchanger that is mounted directly to the back of any standard server rack. Designed for and used by the world’s preeminent enterprise data center and super computer owners and operators, the ChilledDoor allows for on-demand cooling on a per rack, row or room level ensuring optimal computer performance and maximum uptime.

  • 0-75kW cooling capacity with 100% Heat Removal
  • Designed to fit any industry standard server rack – Open19 and OCP compliant
  • High powered adjustable PLC control system for active cooling of server racks

Key Industries: High-Perfomance Computing • Semiconductor • Data Center • Telecom • Colocation Data Ceter • Enterprise Data Center • Higher Education • Government