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Three-phase UPS Systems

9900D UPS 480V | 1200, 1250, 1500, 1600, 2000 kVA

The 9900D UPS is designed specifically for the relentless demand of cloud and colocation services facing today’s hyperscale data centers. This system is responsive, shielding from power transients with advanced control and power module redundancy. 

 While it is a large UPS, it’s significantly smaller than other models within its output range, and its efficiency allows you to do more with a single unit.

9900CX UPS 480V | 1050 kVA

The 9900CX is a powerful, 480V UPS that’s ideal for cloud & colocation data centers. It’s designed to deliver top load capabilities while possessing a small footprint – giving you more power and space for your operations.

While it is a large UPS, it’s significantly smaller than other models within its output range, and its efficiency allows you to do more with a single unit.

9900B UPS 480V | 300, 500, 750 kVA

The 9900B UPS is a three phase, online double-conversion system, featuring Mitsubishi Electric’s world-renown IGBT technology for enhanced UPS performance and reliability. The 9900B is ideal for colocation, healthcare, and mid-to-large enterprise applications.

9900AEGIS UPS 480V | 80, 100, 150, 160, 225 kVA

When uptime and performance are critical, the 9900AEGIS UPS’s reliability and energy-efficiency make it the perfect fit, especially since this efficiency is maintained regardless of the load – crucial in critical environments where loads can range anywhere from 25% to 80%. A small footprint UPS that delivers reliability and ENERGY STAR-certified efficiency, it’s ideal for edge data centers, medical equipment, emergency lighting, etc.

SUMMIT Series UPS 480V | 500, 750 kVA

Powered by Mitsubishi Electric’s revolutionary Silicon Carbide (SiC) semiconductors, the SUMMIT Series® delivers ultra high efficiency in a small footprint and minimal
total cost of ownership. Higher efficiencies are achieved across all load levels with SiC’s lower switching losses, higher switching frequencies, and improved thermal conductivity range.

 The SUMMIT Series UPS is lithium-ion, VRLA, VLA, and Pure Lead compatible for greater flexibility.

DiamondPlus 1100 Series UPS 120/208V | 10 to 80 kVA

The DiamondPlus 1100 Series delivers high performance power protection and reliability for lower, but still critical, loads – all in a smaller footprint.

Hot swappable UPS power modules provide redundancy and maximum flexibility for expansion, as well as rapid maintenance and repair. A perfect server room UPS, it is also ideal for network closets, control rooms, and edge data centers.

Single-phase UPS Systems

7011B Single-phase UPS

The 7011B single phase UPS from Mitsubishi Electric is a true online, double conversion single phase power supply that will protect your equipment from disruptions in power, such as brown-outs, line noise, voltage transients, and power outages.

Single phase power systems are an ideal backup solution for individual computers, small networks, communications systems, security systems, and point-of-sale systems. It is simple to start up, operate, and maintain. It includes internal batteries with the option of adding external battery cabinets for longer runtimes. 

Custom Critical Power Solutions


The MEGAPOD is a fully integrated design that minimizes installation time by providing pre-engineered connections between the UPS, batteries, and the input/output switchgear. This requires less installation time from electricians onsite reducing costs. Also since the gear is all pre-designed it can be delivered to site in 6-8 weeks, greatly increasing a customers speed to market.

Containerized and Skid-mounted Solutions

Containerized systems are designed to house all critical load power components. This includes the UPS, batteries, switchgear, cooling, static transfer switches, automatic transfer switches, fire suppression and emergency lighting. This provides a fully engineered approach that can be set at site and just requires input and output cabling installation. This drastically reduces site cost by putting all power expansion in the container, pair this with another generator and the site can add capacity in modular way. 

Parallel UPS Modules

Paralleled UPS modules are required when the power demands of the site exceed the capacity of a single UPS module or the site would like to have a redundant UPS module in case of unit failure.

All Mitsubishi Electric UPS modules are designed with an internal Static Transfer Switch (STS). The internal STS provides a power path through the UPS in the event of a fault in the UPS module. With this design, the UPS module can be used in a Single Module System (SMS) application or a Multi-Module Systems (MMS) application without changing the internal components. 

UPS Battery Solutions

Lithium-ion Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are quickly becoming the preferred energy storage solution due to their long life and small footprint. They offer the advantages of the extremely energy dense lithium-ion chemistry with superior control and monitoring.  L-ion provides five times the capacity of lead acid batteries in 40%-60% of the floor space with significantly less weight.  Although the initial cost of the l-ion system is higher than a traditional VRLA system, the 15 to 20 year life span provides a lower total cost of ownership over the life of the battery backup system. 

DX IT Cooling Solutions

CritiCool DX-P

The Direct Expansion Packaged (DX-P) Cooling Systems by Mitsubishi Electric are specifically designed for cooling modular structures containing auxiliary backup power supplies and electrical/IT equipment. 

  • Wide ambient operating temperature range [0°F (-18°C) to 125°F (52°C)]
  • Optional “Economizer” package for extended functionality to -40°F (-40°C)
  • Standard on/off compressor with an option for an inverter-based compressor for higher efficiency
  • Available in two nominal capacities (37,800 Btu/h [10kW] and 64,500 Btu/h [20kW])
  • 10+ year life span