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Active Power

With over 30 years’ experience in delivering high quality integrated power solutions, E+I Engineering is an expert in providing technical services, project management services and unrivalled customer support for every client project. 

Powerbar is E+I Engineering’s patented range of busbar trunking, designed to deliver power to electrical loads. The development of Powerbar complements E+I Engineering’s switchgear range to provide a complete power distribution solution.

Intelligent Medium Powerbar

E+I Engineering’s innovative IMPB product is an open channel busway system designed for use in data centers and other mission critical environments where security and flexibility of electrical distribution is paramount. IMPB has been engineered with the safety of the installer and user in mind.

  • Advanced metering capabilities via RJ45 Ethernet plug-in connections.
  • Tap off units are fitted to the busway using E+I Engineering’s unique ‘earth first, break last’ safety features.
  • Housed in aluminium casing rated IP2X.
  • Solid joint pack construction.
  • Constructed from high density 99.99% conductivity copper and insulated with a custom IEC-certified thermoplasic material.

High Powerbar

E+I Engineering’s High Powerbar (HPB) is a 1000V totally encased, non-ventilated and low impedance busbar. HPB sandwich construction range has been engineered for applications which require moving large amounts of power. Most commonly, HPB is used to distribute power from transformers to low voltage switchboards and then down to further power distribution boards.

  • Available with a choice of 99.99% conductivity copper or 55% conductivity aluminium conductors to suit project specifications.
  • Available from 800A – 5000A with multiple bar configurations.
  • Each 3m length of Powerbar can host up to five fixed tap off points.
  • All tap off points have an ‘earth first, break last’ safety feature.
  • Joint pack construction with double-headed shear nuts for quick installation.
  • Pressed out tags for tap off connections.